At South Industries, we consider the details. We consider every option so you can expect the perfect end result out on the open road or trail. We combine the toughest independent testing with real world testing so that we can offer you the ultimate carbon composite wheelset combining what we feel is the ideal lightness, durability and comfort.

We are a highly skilled team of engineers, thinkers and most importantly, cyclists. We wanted to build the best product in the world and still go by that motto every single day.  

We manufacture here, in South Africa, a country with deep aerospace expertise and skills. Our slogan, #handgemaak, is more than our relentless drive to create the finest carbon composite products.

It is more than our obsessive in-house design and manufacturing process.

It is authentic, it’s handmade.

The podium is more than the top step. The journey is more than new trails. It is a search to find the limit, to explore, to conquer.