Matthew Lombardi

EWS & E-bike XC elite athlete. 

“The care taken by the staff of South Industries to put out the best rims in the market is undoubted once you come visit the factory. The product is absolutely bulletproof, an essential for the categories I love to race in.”

Richard Gasperotti

Pro freeride mountainbiker, guide and coach, living stuntman, artist, tattoomaker, clown

“Unbelievable traction, reaction and responsiveness. I can truly trust the product.”

Team Pyga Euro Steel

South Africa’s premier mountain bike team.

“South Industries are a vital partner to the team, where only the best equipment is accepted. The difference the rims offer is more than marginal”

Marzelle vd Merwe

Internationally competitive runner who found cycling during a period of injury, we are excited to be a part of the beginning of Marz’s competitive cycling career.

“Being fairly new to cycling I was unaware at what a difference even one carbon wheelset can make to another. The South Industries product truly improved my riding.”

Sharjah Jonsson

Bike rider. Tattoo artist. Wants to be faster than you. EWS is where you will find Sharjah plying his trade, attempting to make it as a privateer athlete against the best in the world. 

“Love the product, love the team behind the product.”

Laura Zeitschel

Laura is a mountain bike Enduro rider based near Hanover, in Germany. She works as an officer in the German Army and shares an apartment with her Chocolate Labrador, Anton. 

“It has been amazing transitioning to such hand built wheels and the extra control they bring is amazing.”