Robyn de Groot

Multiple South African National XCM champion, Cape Epic stage winner, Olympian.

“Keeping me rolling since 2016, stiff and reliable, impressed with their continued drive to engineer and improve.”

Luke Moir

South African Junior XCO & Enduro champion, Swiss Cup victories.

“I am always trying to push the limits when I am riding and my South rims give me the confidence to do that.”

Arno du Toit

South African National XCM champion 2019

“Lightweight yet super stiff and responsive, I love how the wide rim profile provides extra tyre support and stability through corners.”

Gert Heyns

XCO and Marathon specialist, South African National XCM champion 2018, Cape Epic stage winner & African jersey winner.

“South rims gives me the confidence that I will always stay on line, the lightest, stiffest most reliable hoops around.”

Frankie du Toit

Enduro and Cross Country Specialist, SA Enduro Champ 2018, Multiple SA XCO Champ University of Stellenbosch (Maties) Sportswoman of the Year

“I have put my South rims through their paces and I’ve had no troubles at all!”

Michelle Vorster

Namibian National XCO & XCM champion, Olympian, World Cup XCO racer

“Unbelievable traction, reaction and responsiveness.”

Tristan de Lange

XCO specialist and Marathon racer, Namibian National XCO & XCM champion, World Cup XCO racer, 12th Commonwealth Games XCO 2018

“The ultimate survival of the fittest wheel set.”